Funded Projects

19 transnational research consortia are funded under the umbrella of the NEURON JTC 2016 "External Insults to the Nervous System" that is co-funded by the European Commission. In total, 92 research groups from 14 European countries, Canada and Israel collaborate in these projects. The total funding volume of the call amounts to about 17.9 M€.


Projects and partners are shown below. Please click on “summary” to download a brief project overview. See also our newsletter on the JTC 2016.



Coordinator (in bold) and Partners


Altered Chloride homeostasis in Reactive plasticity upOn BrAin Trauma

summary (pdf, 77 KB)

Claudio Rivera (FR)
Jean Christophe Poncer (FR)
Francois Guillemot (UK)
Christian A. Hübner (DE)
Liset Mendes de la Prida (ES)


Spinal cord repair: releasing the neuron-intrinsic brake on axon regeneration

summary (pdf, 74 KB)

Joost Verhaagen (NL)
James Fawcett (UK)
Lawrence Moon (UK)
Frank Bradke (DE)
Alyson Fournier (CA)
Dasa Cizkova (SK)


Developing and validating blood and imaging BIOmarkers of AXonal injury following Traumatic Brain Injury

summary (pdf, 74 KB)

David Sharp (UK)
Henrik Zetterberg (UK)
Mauro Oddo (CH)
Guido Bertolini (IT)
Sandra Magnoni (IT)


Non-invasive electrical stimulation of the cervical spinal cord to facilitate arm and hand functional recovery in incomplete traumatic cervical spinal cord injured patients

summary (pdf, 74 KB)

Guillermo García-Alías (ES)
Joan Vidal (ES)
Andrew Jackson (UK)
Joel Glover (NO)


Emergence of a spinal micturition reflex after SCI: abolition by silencing of hyper-excited C-fiber bladder afferents by gene therapy to restore continence and micturition

summary (pdf, 74 KB)

François Giuliano (FR)
Francesco Montorsi (IT)
Francisco Wandosell (ES)


Understanding the mechanisms of atrophy associated with spinal cord injury: the application of MRI-based in vivo histology and ex vivo histology

summary (pdf, 135 KB)

Armin Curt (CH)
Jan Klohs (CH)
Siawoosh Mohammadi (DE)
Martina Callaghan (UK)
Nikolaus Weiskopf (DE)
Pawel Tabakov (PL)


International Collaboration On Neuroinflammation in Traumatic Brain Injury (ICON-TBI)

summary (pdf, 73 KB)

David Menon (UK)
Elisa Zanier (IT)
Vincent Degos (FR)
Karen Barlow (CA)


Paediatric Brain Monitoring with Information Technology (KidsBrainIT): Using Information Technology (IT) Innovations to Improve Childhood Traumatic Brain Injury Intensive Care Management, Outcome, and Patient Safety

summary (pdf, 73 KB)

Tsz-Yan Milly Lo (UK)
Ian Piper (UK)
Bart Depreitere (BE)
Juan Sahuquillo (ES)
Stefan Mircea Iencean (RO)


New therapeutic strategies in the treatment of traumatic brain injury by targeting the LEctin Activation Pathway of complement

summary (pdf, 71 KB)

Maria Grazia De Simoni (IT)
Anna M. Planas (ES)
Wilhelm Schwaeble (UK)
Eberhard Weihe (DE)
Joanna Mika (PL)


Cortical microcircuitry after traumatic brain injury: molecules to networks

summary (pdf, 71 KB)

Aya Takeoka (BE)
Francesco Roselli (DE)
Marco Tripodi (UK)
Magdalena Goetz (DE)
Daniel Wójcik (PL)


Spinal cord repair from endogenous stem cells in the spinal niche

summary (pdf, 89 KB)

Catherina G. Becker (UK)
Jean-Philippe Hugnot (FR)
Michell M. Reimer (DE)
Matthias Kirsch (DE)
Serge Muyldermans (BE)
Urszula Slawinska (PL)


Repurposing Acute Therapies for Enhanced Recovery after Spinal Cord Injury

summary (pdf, 72 KB)

John Kramer (CA)
Armin Curt (CH)
Frank Bradke (DE)
Catherine Mercier (CA)
Soler Dolors (ES)


Induction of Reactive Neural Stem Cells by Traumatic Brain Injury in the Adult Hippocampus

summary (pdf, 69 KB)

Juan Manuel Encinas (ES)
Djoher Nora Abrous (FR)
Baekelandt Veerle (BE)
Carlos P. Fitzsimons (NL)


Repetitive Subconcussive Head Impacts – Brain Alterations and Clinical Consequences

summary (pdf, 73 KB)

Inga Koerte (DE)
Stephan Swinnen (BE)
Nir Sochen (IL)
Roald Bahr (NO)
Peter Filipcik (SK)
Alexander Leemans (NL)


Identification of novel bioactive mediators of tissue scarring, inflammation and extracellular matrix remodeling after spinal cord injury

summary (pdf, 73 KB)

Elizabeth Bradbury (UK)
Samuel David (CA)
Jan Schwab (DE)
Ralph Schlapbach (CH)


Spinal Cord Injury-induced Systemic Maladaptve Immune Response and Autoimmunity to Central Nervous System Antigens - European Network Approach

summary (pdf, 73 KB)

Jan Schwab (DE)
Caroline May (DE)
Romana Höftberger (AT)
Armin Curt (CH)
Giorgio Scivoletto (IT)


Seeing-Moving-Playing: Early Rehabilitation utilizing visual and vestibular technology following traumatic brain injury

summary (pdf, 74 KB)

Isabelle Gagnon (CA)
Kathryn Schneider (CA)
Mathilde Chevignard (FR)
Michal Katz-Leurer (IL)


A New Traumatic Axonal Injury Classification Scheme based on Clinical and Improved MR Imaging Biomarkers

summary (pdf, 71 KB)

Anne Vik (NO)
Paul Maria Rodolphe Julien Parizel (BE)
Rashindra Manniesing (NL)
David Menon (UK)


Time dependent Remote Alteration after Injury to the Nervous System

summary (pdf, 75 KB)

Jerome Badaut (FR)
Nikolaus Plesnila (DE)
Michal Schwartz (IL)
Pierre Gressens (FR)
Krzysztof Selmaj (PL)
Maija Dambrova (LV)