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Latest Newsletter

Newsletter 45, June 2024

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Introduction of the new NEURON coordinator Dr. Ulrike Bußhoff | Latest news and announcements from NEURON (NEURON Mid-Term meeting, open science Workshop) | NEURON at the FENS Forum | Upcoming open consultation for the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) of the future European Partnership for Brain Health

Previous newsletters

February 2024

Newsletter 44, February 2024

Newsletter 44 Cover

Latest News and Announcements from NEURON | Introduction of the projects funded under the calls in 2023 | Excellent Paper in Neuroscience Award 2023| Winning videos from the ‘Story of our Research’ video competitions | Webinars for lay audience | Open science workshop

December 2023

Newsletter 43, December 2023

Newsletter cover NL 43

Latest News and Announcements from NEURON | Open Call on Bi-directional Brain-Body Interactions | Launch of CSA BrainHealth “Towards designing a European brain health landscape” | Report on last Foresight Symposium on Bidirectional Brain Body Interactions| Impressions from the Cajal Training on ‘Neuro-vascular function in health and disease’

June 2023

Newsletter 42, June 2023

Newsletter cover NL 42

Latest News and Announcements from NEURON | Results of the first NEURON Networking Call on Chronic Pain | NEURON Midterm Symposium on Sensory Disorders and ELSA | Interview with the 2022 EPNA Awardee | Impressions of the Cajal Training on Neuroepigenetics

January 2023

Newsletter 41, Januar 2023

Latest News and Announcements from NEURON | Open Science Support | Results of the NEURON Joint Transnational Call 2022


Newsletter 40, September 2022

Open call for Networking Groups on Chronic Pain| Open Call for Excellent Paper Award | Next Issue of our Lay-Lecture Series

Newsletter 39, June 2022

Cover ERA-NET Neuron Newsletter #39

ERA-Net NEURON call for Networking Groups on Chronic Pain will be announced very soon.

Newsletter 38, January 2022

18 multinational research consortia were selected for funding under JTC2021 on the topic of ‘Neurodevelopmental Disorders’, which is co-funded by the European Commission.


Newsletter 37, October 2021

Foresight Symposium on blood-brain barrier and cerebrovascular diseases, May 2021

Newsletter 36, May 2021

Screenshot Newsletter 36

JTC2018 Midterm Symposium on Mental Disorders, Virtual Meeting, 26-27 January 2021

Newsletter 35, January 2021

Introduction of the funded NEURON and ELSA projects 2020


Newsletter 34, August 2020

Foresight Symposium “Neurodevelopmental Disorders”, Virtual Meeting, May 2020

Newsletter 33, January 2020

Midterm Symposium “Synaptic Dysfunction and Ethical, Legal and Social aspects (ELSA) of neuroscience” in Lisbon, September, 2019


Newsletter 32, September 2019

NEURON Symposium on Sensory Organ Disorders

Newsletter 31, March 2019

Midterm symposium ‘Joint Transnational Call 2016 – External insults to the nervous system’ in Bonn, January 2019


Newsletter 30, December 2018

Symposium ‘Biomarkers in Neurology and Psychiatry’ in Nice, May 2018

Newsletter 29, June 2018

Workshop on Open Science, Tel Aviv, January 2018, and 2017 NEURON and ELSA calls funded projects

Newsletter 28, February 2018

”Mid-term Symposium “Neurodevelopmental Disorders” and “Ethical, Legal, and Social Aspects (ELSA) of Neuroscience” in Riga, September 2017”


Newsletter 27, September 2017

Symposium ‘Emerging fields in mental health’ in Amsterdam, May 2017

Newsletter 26, March 2017

Midterm symposium on “Neuroinflammation” Madrid, September 2016


Newsletter 25, September 2016

Workshop on Neuroethics, Milan, May 2016

Newsletter 24, March 2016

Symposium: Interactions between scientists, clinicians and the society in Neurosciences. Berlin, January 2016


Newsletter 23, December 2015

Mid-Term symposium on 12 funded projects of the 2013 JTC on “Mental Disorders”

Newsletter 22, July 2015

News from NEURON II

Newsletter 21, March 2015

News from NEURON II


Newsletter 20, March 2014

2013 Résumé and forecast


Newsletter 19, July 2013

Scientific Symposium – “Neurodevelopment and related disorders”

Newsletter 18, March 2013

Final Symposium – New Technologies and Neuron funded research projects on “Novel Methods and Approaches towards the Understanding of Brain Diseases”


Newsletter 17, December 2012

2012 Résumé and forecast

Newsletter 16, September 2012

Midterm scientific symposium on mental disorders

Newsletter 15, July 2012

ERA-Net NEURON II Kick-Off Meeting, January 2012

Newsletter 14, March 2012

Achievements of the ERA-Net NEURON 2007-2011

Newsletter 13, January 2012

Neuron-funded research projects on “Cerebrovascular Diseases”


Newsletter 12, July 2011

From bench to bedside – Neuron workshop on investigator-driven multinatioal clinical trials, Lake Como

Newsletter 11, April 2011

“Workshop on transferring technology from bench to bedside: practices, barriers and policies”, Montréal

Newsletter 10, March 2011

Neuron-funded research projects on “Mental Disorders”


Newsletter 9, December 2010

Intermediate Symposium “Neurodegeneration”, Rome

Newsletter 8, April 2010

Neuron-funded research projects on “Development and advancement in methods and technologies towards the understanding of brain diseases”

Newsletter 7, January 2010

Neuroethics workshop, Jerusalem


Newsletter 6, November 2009

Scientific workshop “Mental illness and neural dysfunction”, Paris

Newsletter 5, June 2009

Scientific workshop “New technologies in Neurosciences”, Warsaw

Newsletter 4, April 2009

FENS Satellite Symposium, Geneva

Newsletter 3, January 2009

Neuron-funded research projects on “Neurodegenerative diseases of the central nervous system”


Newsletter 2, November 2008

Scientific workshop “Biobanking”, Vienna

Newsletter 1, June 2008

Scientific workshop “Neurodegeneration”, Paris