EPNA – ’Excellent Paper in Neuroscience Award’

The ERA-NET NEURON launches annual calls for EXCELLENT PAPER IN NEUROSCIENCE AWARD, EPNA. The call is targeted to early-career researches with tight guiding criteria. Early-career researchers can apply with their sole first author research articles in international peer review journals. The topic of the article must be relevant to disease-related, translational, neuroscience and the work must be done in an ERA-NET NEURON participant country. The awardee receives a prize of 3,000 €, and an invitation to present the paper at a conference, including travel support.

Every two years the EPNA-awardee is invited to the largest European conference in the neuroscience field, FENS-Forum (Federation of European Neuroscience Societies), giving the awardee a possibility to present her/his results to a large scientific audience. Thus, the call and the award ceremony are aimed to increase the attractiveness of neuroscience research within the early-career researchers, raise the awareness of the talented awardees and their excellent scientific results to a larger audience.

EPNA 2021 Award

“EXCELLENT PAPER IN NEUROSCIENCE” AWARD 2021 with the thematic focus on Biomarkers

Submissions are currently under review.
Deadline for applications was: October 30, 2021, 5:00 PM (UTC-GMT) (7 pm Berlin time)

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Note, that the Award is granted in the year following the open EPNA call.