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Research into the diseases of the brain benefits from joint funding schemes by networks of funding agencies and ministries in Europe and beyond the European borders. The ERA-Net NEURON Cofund2, as a funding platform focused on neurological and mental disorders, holds a strategic position in bringing pre-clinical and clinical research communities closer together and fostering translational research, while covering the entire value chain.



Event Recap

Impressions on Cajal Training Course on Neuroepigenetics, 21 Nov – 9 Dec 2022 in France

FLAGERA call on data reuse has been launched.

Topic: Preclinical and clinical neuroscience research through data reuse

Newsletter January 2023 published

Topics: Latest News and Announcements from NEURON | Open Science Support | Results of the NEURON Joint Transnational Call 2022

EPNA 2022 award winner

EPNA 2022 Award goes to Dr. Damien Huzard from the Inserm, IGF, Université de Montpellier.


ELSA Call | Status: Under Review

ELSA-JTC2023 “Neuroethics”

Research projects on Ethical, Legal, and Social Aspects (ELSA) of Neuroscience

Bio-medical Call | Status: Under Review

2023 „Resilience and Vulnerability in Mental Health“

Submission deadline has expired

Networking Groups Call | Status: Under Review

Networking Group Call 2022 “Chronic Pain”

Submission deadline has expired



Data Management Plan development toolkit: Data Stewardship Wizard

Success Stories

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ELSA Project PNS: Psychiatric Neurosurgery ─ Ethical, Legal and Societal Issues

Project PNS is a multinational collaboration funded under NEURON’s JTC2015 co-funded call for research projects on ethical, legal and social aspects (ELSA) of neuroscience. The project goals were investigating ethical, legal, and societal issues of all kinds of contemporary psychiatric neurosurgery (PNS) and publishing recommendations for a responsible use of PNS.

© Neil S. Graham, Brain Sciences, Imperial College London, UK

Project BIO-AX-TBI: Developing and Validating Blood and Imaging Biomarkers of Axonal Injury Following Traumatic Brain Injury

BIO-AX-TBI, a multinational collaboration funded under NEURON’s JTC2016 co-funded call, aimed at finding applicable ways to measure axonal injury for guiding treatment choices and predicting the recovery of Traumatic Brain Injury patients.

Nerve cell processes (axons) grow from right to left across a spinal cord injury lesion site surrounded by astrocytes
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Project AxonRepair – Spinal cord repair: releasing the neuron-intrinsic brake on axon regeneration

AxonRepair, a multinational collaboration funded under NEURON’s JTC2016 co-funded call, aims to promote axon regeneration in the spinal cord.

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REVIS (‘Restoration of Vision after Stroke’)

A man sits at a machine called a Humphrey, his head leans on the machine as his finger clicks when he sees a light pulses. He tells us in voiceover to the images we are watching…

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MESCOG (‘Mechanisms of small vessel related brain damage and cognitive impairment: integrating imaging findings from genetic and sporadic disease‘)…

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A Neuron 2012 paper on research funded under the frame of ERA-NET NEURON

The research of Hebrew University neurobiologist Prof. Nelken, who led a team investigating brain activity in the auditory cortex of rat brains,could in the long term lead to…

Video about NEURON

ERA-NET NEURON published an information film on the network activities.