Event formats

ERA-NET NEURON Midterm symposium group picture

Networking through workshops, symposia and special events for neuroscience and brain researchers plus the connection to stakeholders are among the main aims of the ERA-NET NEURON.

Different formats are tailored to serve specific purposes, topics and audiences:

Foresight Symposia

Scientific “Foresight Symposia” deepen specific topics of the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA)
NEURON organizes annual scientific Foresight Symposia on selected topics of the Strategic Research Agenda for future call topics. Renowned experts are invited to present the state-of-the art in the scientific area, most recent developments in research, and potential future directions. These aspects are discussed among the invited speakers, the Scientific Advisory Board and NEURON participants in order to identify the needs of the research community for potential funding and support measures.

Interactive Workshops

Workshops on overarching topics addressing Principal Investigators and Early Career Researchers, as well as NEURON participants, are regular components at the Midterm Symposia of funded projects. In cooperation with EFNA workshops on NEURON funding and reviewing procedures address Public and Patient Involvement (PPI). In cooperation with EBRA training workshops on robust science, research integrity and neuroethics are organized and refer to NEURON’s devotion to broadly implement Responsible Research Innovation (RRI].

Networking Events

With special lectures and Early Career Researcher meetings, as well as symposia NEURON reaches out to stakeholders and the NEURON research community, and to the interested public.