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NEURON: Communication and outreach

Effective communication and outreach are of utmost importance for NEURON. They enable NEURON to explain the wider societal relevance of neuroscience, strengthen the grounds for future research and innovation and ensure uptake of the results in different communities. Raising awareness to brain and psychiatric disorders and neuroscience research and bringing research and its outcomes to the attention of various stakeholders, are carried out via numerous platforms, such as tri-annual newsletters, impact reports, educational video-clips, various publications and social media.

In our view, the potential impact of NEURON is inseparable from the efficacy of its communication and outreach measures.

map with ERA-NET NEURON participants

News & Events

Read more about current activities and upcoming events of the ERA-NET NEURON network for brain research.


Since 2008 regular newsletters keep track of ERA-NET NEURON’s development.

Impact Reports

These reports analyse output and impact of the ERA-NET NEURON funded projects.


ERA-NET NEURON operates – among other means – on publications like the Foresight Reports, arcticles, and, not least success stories.

Educational video clips

ERA-NET NEURON aims to inform the general public about brain research, neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Video about NEURON activities

ERA-NET NEURON published an information film on the network activities.