Welcome to the ERA-NET NEURON. 35 research funding organizations and ministries from 28 countries participate in this network to support basic, clinical and translational research in the diverse field of research into the brain and its diseases.

The brain in its complexity is the most challenging organ in the human body. It determines our humanity, our thinking and decisions, and motor activity. Despite enormous research efforts and progress in recent years many aspects of its functioning remain to be understood as well as of its dysfunction. Diseases of the brain and nervous system decrease the quality of life of those afflicted by them, their families and care givers. Many studies show that neurological and mental disorders are among the leading causes of mortality and disability and the burden will keep growing as populations get older. Diseases of the brain and nervous system represent not only a major societal but also an economic burden. Tackling an issue of such magnitude requires concerted action and collaboration between all relevant key players at all levels. Research into the brain, nervous system and their diseases, greatly benefits from joint funding schemes by the ERA-NET NEURON network.

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Newsletter 39, June 2022: ERA-Net NEURON call for Networking Groups on Chronic Pain will be announced very soon.

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Research into the human brain and its diseases is one of the key challenges of the 21st century.


To-date 27 participants from 23 EU countries participate in NEURON Cofund2.


Cooperation is a key element of NEURON Cofund2 activities and implemented with various institutions, and organisations.

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