Developing and validating blood and imaging BIOmarkers of AXonal injury following Traumatic Brain Injury


AIM: We will investigate the relationship between blood, microdialysis and neuroimaging markers of axonal injury after traumatic brain injury (TBI). New methods provide 100-1000 fold increases in sensitivity. We exploit this advance to investigate neurofilament light (NFL) and tau proteins, as well as other plasma markers, with advanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) measures of axonal injury. WORK PLAN: We will perform a multicenter study of adult TBI closely aligned with the InTBIR collaborative effort and linked to the large CREACTIVE TBI study. Work Package (WP) 1 will study these factors in a large cohort of moderate/severe TBI patients. WP 2 will investigate the longitudinal relationship between neuroimaging and plasma biomarkers. WP 3 will combine microdialysis, neuroimaging and plasma sampling of axonal proteins to provide a mechanistic understanding of axonal injury progression and validate the axonal origin of the plasma biomarkers. WP 4 will validate findings from the study in an additional 1000 patients from CREACTIVE. EXPLOITATION OF RESULTS: The results will guide the incorporation of plasma biomarkers and advanced MRI measures of axonal injury into medical practice. Our aim is provide robust evidence about the best measures for the early assessment of axonal injury. By validating neuroimaging and plasma biomarkers for axonal injury we will facilitate prognostication after TBI, as well provide tools to inform the selection and evaluation of treatment.


, Imaging techniques, Stem cells and neural differentiation/cell therapy

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2017 - 2021

Project team

David Sharp (Coordinator)
United Kingdom (MRC)
Henrik Zetterberg
United Kingdom (MRC)
Mauro Oddo
Switzerland (SNSF)
Guido Bertolini
Italy (MOH)
Sandra Magnoni
Italy (MOH)