Joint Transnational Calls for proposals

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Joint calls for proposals are one of the key elements of NEURON’s transnational activities.
The well-established annual bio-medical joint transnational calls (JTCs) for research are complemented by regular calls on ethical, legal and social aspect (ELSA) of neuroscience.
A novel activity, calls for Networking Groups in crosscutting areas, has been recently initiated (Pilot 2022).
The annual call for ’Excellent Paper in Neuroscience Award’, EPNA, addressing foremost early career researchers, completes the spectrum of NEURON activities.

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Bio-medical research project calls

Calls for tender in the areas of neuroscience, neurology, mental health and sensory disorders

ELSA Calls

Calls for tender on Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects of neuroscience

Networking Groups Calls

Calls for Multinational Networking groups


Excellent Paper in Neuroscience Award

Project directory

Directory comprising information about projects funded by NEURON