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Browse our digital library and download resources and templates to help with managing scientific project applications within neuroscience and brain research.

Discover the many ways ethics and data management intersect with topics and communities you are passionate about, and spend some time looking through others that you are keen to learn more on.

Tools/Templates for Researchers

Ressources for neuroscientists and brain researchers

Networking tools

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European Research Infrastructures

NEURON intends to act as a broker between the funded projects and the pertinent existing initiatives and networks of the European Strategy Forum on Infrastructures.

Responsible Research Innovation

This platform aims to bundle and share the available resources as a toolbox and thus accelerate excellence, innovation and translation, and fostering exchange by promoting Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI).

Quality management in biomedical research

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Patient and Public involvement

Patient and Public involvement (PPI) is a key element of NEURON’s activities.

Data Management Plan

To accelerate knowledge gain and translation of project results a number of tools focusing on open science approaches and improving the sharing of data and resources is provided. The requirement to submit a Data Management Plan (DMP) in each funded project is supported by developing tools.

Open Science

For data reposition and coordinated data sharing links to e.g. EOSC, and EBRAINS are provided.