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Find out what scientific journals such as THE LANCET or OPEN SCIENCE write about neuroscience and the work of the ERA-NET NEURON brain research network.
You also find brochures about NEURON and news from European Commission’s Research Information Centre below on this website.


“Neurological burden and European invest: a disconnect”

published in: The Lancet Neurology, February 2021, Volume 20

Booklet for Kick-off Symposium ‘Together for Brain Research’, January 2021

In January 2021 the ERA-NET NEURON held its Kick-off Symposium ‘Together for Brain Research’. As Etienne Hirsch and Bernard Poulain, the organizers of the symposium pointed out: “The collective writing of the updated SRA highlights priorities such as sharing of resources, which has been identified as an essential pillar in developing the knowledge and technologies necessary for tackling down brain-related diseases. With 27 partner members from 23 countries, the NEURON network is larger than ever and express a strong desire to strenghten its relation with other European organisations toward this common goal. For this reason, we decided to open this new period with a scientific symposium intitled “Together for Brain Research”, bringing together renowned researchers and organisations to discuss how to work together in tackling brain diseases”.

“Adolescent mental health: reasons to be cheerful”

The Editorial adressed the NEURON May 2017 symposium on mental health

published in: The Lancet Psychiatry, July 2017, Volume 4, article in English

“How to reinforce interaction between scientists, clinicians and society in the field of brain research.”

published in: Open Science, June 2016

“ERA-NET NEURON: a network with emergent properties”

The Editorial explains and illustrates the aims and achievements of the NEURON network

published in: The Lancet Neurology, March 2016, Volume 15 , Issue 3 , 231, article in English

“New Visions for Partial Blindness”

Ground-breaking research from NEURON ERANET

“Make ends meet: celebrating 10 years of funding organizations co-operation”

This article reports on the September 2013 NEURON symposium on Cerebrovascular Disorders and the NEURON 10 years anniversary.

published in: GLOBAL SCIENTIA, 5, 2014, p. 18-22, article in English


Within the EUROPEAN MONTH OF THE BRAIN in May 2013 NEURON organised a symposium on ‘NEURODEVELOPMENT AND RELATED DISORDERS’. In the recent Global Scientia issue the conference is summarized.

published in: GLOBAL SCIENTIA, 4, 2013, p. 28-31, article in English

Final Symposium: “Era-Net Neuron –Cutting (technological) edges”

In this article the recent symposium on development and advancement in methods and technologies and other NEURON key activities are reported. The symposium gathered a number of researchers funded by the ERA-NET and provided an excellent view on the technological progresses in the field of disease-related neurosciences.

published in: GLOBAL SCIENTIA, 3, 2013, p. 16-19, article in English

“Young Scientists in ERA-Net Neuron joint call 2009”

The ERA-NET NEURON performed a monitoring study to explore the position of young scientists in the 2009 ERA-Net NEURON joint transnational call “Technology Development”. Based on the study, no indication of a bias toward older researchers was observed. This indicates the transnational funding scheme from ERA-NET NEURON is a relevant source of funding for young researchers at the early stages of their careers.

“NEURON – advanced Origami of Joint Transnational Calls”

An Interview with PD Dr. M. Dorlöchter and an article “NEURON – advanced Origami of Joint Transnational Calls”, by PD Dr. Hella Lichtenberg, Dr. Petra Lüers and PD Dr. M. Dorlöchter

published in: 2012 in GLOBAL SCIENTIA, Issue 2

“NEURON: Ein Netzwerk europäischer Forschungsförderer”

Article by the NEURON coordinator, PD Dr. M. Dorlöchter and PD Dr. Hella Lichtenberg

published in: Neuroforum, 04/2007, p. 137-139, article in German

“NEURON – a network of European funding organizations”

Article by the NEURON coordinator, PD Dr. M. Dorlöchter and PD Dr. Hella Lichtenberg

published in: Neuropsychiatr Dis Treat. 2005 March; 1(1): 87–88, article in English


“ERA-NET NEURON Pan-European Neuroscience Research”

Brochure published by ERA-NET NEURON in 2018

News on ERA-NET NEURON released by the European Commission’s Research Information Centre:

“European Union research policy and funding for Alzheimer disease”

The European Commission, Research Directorate General has published a commentory in Nature Medicine (2006) including remarks on NEURON.

published 01 July 2006 in