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The structure and workflow within the NEURON Cofund2 consortium is depicted in the following diagram:  

shows the structure and workflow of NEURON Cofund2 consortium
WPLs = work package leaders; JCS = joint call secretariat; SAB = scientific advisory board; PRP = peer review panel; JTC = joint transnational call, NSC = Network Steering Committee, CSC = Call Steering Committee; © ERA-NET NEURON

The Network Steering Committee (NSC) is the ultimate decision-making body for the execution of NEURON Cofund2.

A Call Steering Committee (CSC) will be formed for each joint call and composed of those members taking part in the joint call as well as additional partners outside the Consortium who may join the call.

The Coordinator (COO) is the authorized intermediary to the Commission and executes the NEURON management, reports and is accountable to the Network Steering Committee. The COO is the main representative of the consortium, and the contact point to the European Commission.

The coordinating office (CO) consists of the COO and the Scientific and Financial Officers at DLR, Germany, who provide the necessary support for day-to-day NEURON management as well as carrying out the reporting activities to the Commission.

Joint Call Secretariats (JCS) are responsible for the preparation and implementation of a JTC. Responsibility will alternate between experienced participants.

Operation support (OS) as the general execution body of NEURON Cofund2 comprises the members of each work package. The OS supports the COO in the overall management of the consortium.

Work Package Leaders (WPL) and Task Leaders shall assure and will be responsible for the execution and progress of the work plan.

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is appointed by the NSC to support the planning of strategic research issues.

ad hoc Expert Groups can be established by the work package leaders to deal with specific issues or problems, e.g. technological, financial or legal matters, as necessary.