NEURON Cofund (2016 – 2020)

Topics and Achievements


With the support of funding provided through the framework programme Horizon 2020 by the European Commission, NEURON Cofund will sustain and expand the collaboration of funding agencies and ministries created in the previous two phases NEURON I and NEURON II. The work programme of NEURON Cofund consists of two parts: A) a Joint Transnational Call for proposals in collaboration with the EU Commission and B) additional activities. The related tasks are organised in eight work packages (WP).

eight work packages of NEURON Cofund
The work programme is divided into eight work packages (WP) dedicated to the central coordination (WP1),
the preparation and implementation of the co-funded JTC2016 (WP2-5), and additional activities (WP6-8). © ERA-NET Neuron

Network coordination and management (Work Package – WP1)

This WP sets the ground for all organizational structures of the NEURON Cofund network. Essential elements of management are communication, the web-based exchange platform, regular meetings, and financial controlling.


  • To continue the existing management structures and activities coordinating 23 funding organizations from 17 countries in NEURON Cofund.
  • To provide services to the successful implementation of all other work packages.

Co-funded JTC 2016 (Work packages 2-5)

The WPs 2-5 are dedicated to the implementation of the co-funded JTC 2016. The tasks encompassed in these WPs include preparation and launch of the call, coordination of the peer-review process, monitoring as well as exploitation and dissemination of results. The objectives are:

Work package 2 (Co-funded JTC: preparation, launch, and dissemination):

  • to launch a co-funded JTC on ‘External Insults to the Nervous System’
  • to set-up a Joint Call Secretariat and all the administrative tools needed for launch implementation, and dissemination
  • to develop the co-funded call documents and decide on related procedures
  • to provide support for researchers during the application process.

Work package 3 (Co-funded JTC: peer review, project selection, and negotiation):

  • to implement the co-funded joint call
  • to coordinate the proposal selection during the peer-review process
  • to ensure the funding of the best projects in accordance with the call specification

Work package 4 (Co-funded JTC: call follow-up and monitoring):

  • to statistically analyse the submitted and selected proposals
  • to evaluate the lessons learned of the call process
  • to collect the project results through written reports at different time frames
  • to organise a mid-term symposium for funded projects
  • to evaluate the impact of the project results at the end of the projects.

Work package 5 (Co-funded JTC: communication, exploitation, and dissemination of results):

  • to report to the public about the use of public funding and the project results by means of (i) lay articles and (ii) newsletters on the activities, highlights and results of the funded projects
  • to collate the individual projects’ information (persons/groups involved, topics) to the available databases
  • to disseminate results to the scientific community, stakeholders, and patient organisations

Participants in NEURON Cofund

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