PROJECT: JTC2016: KidBrainIT

Paediatric Brain Monitoring with Information Technology (KidsBrainIT): Using Information Technology (IT) Innovations to Improve Childhood Traumatic Brain Injury Intensive Care Management, Outcome, and Patient Safety


PROJECT AIM: We aim to test two hypotheses: After sustaining traumatic brain injury (TBI), paediatric patients with a longer period of measured cerebral perfusion pressure (CPP) maintained within the calculated optimal CPP (CPPopt) ranges have (1) an improved outcome, and (2) better tolerance against raised intracranial pressure (ICP). WORK PLAN: We set up a new multi-centre, multi-disciplinary and multi-national clinical and research collaborative called KidsBrainIT. In a 2-year prospective observational study, 10 centres contribute paediatric TBI patients? annoymised clinical, high-resolution physiological, and outcome data to a central repository (KidsBrainIT Data-bank). Using the same methodology as our pilot (optimal CPP calculation and ICP dose-response plots), the main data-set is used to test our hypotheses. A sub-set of data is used to test novel technology and data models. Calculated validated indices is used as metrics of clinical management quality assurance for feedback to contributing units to improve treatment. EXPLOITATION OF RESULTS: By bringing senior clinicians, engineers, and scientists from different centres and countries to the group, KidsBrainIT facilitates testing of clinically relevant therapeutic thresholds and validating new monitoring technologies which are then readily translated back into clinical practice through contributing units. It will also address inequality and variations in TBI management between adult and paediatric practices.


Clinical trial, Computational neurosciences, Data-banking

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2017 - 2021

Project team

Tsz-Yan Milly Lo (Coordinator)
United Kingdom (MRC)
Ian Piper
United Kingdom (MRC)
Bart Depreitere
Belgium (FWO)
Juan Sahuquillo
Spain (ISCIII)
Stefan Mircea Iencean
Romania (UEFISCDI)