Funded projects

Eleven transnational research consortia are funded under the umbrella of the NEURON JTC2010 “Mental Disorders”. In total, 47 research groups from eight European countries, Canada and Israel collaborate in these projects. The total funding volume of the call adds up to 10 million €.

Projects and collaboration partners are shown below. Please click on “summary” to download a brief project overview. See also our related newsletter on the JTC2010.







Development of new experimental models for mental retardation and autism by iPS technology: Generation of human affected and animal model neurons by reprogramming skin fibroblasts and testing gene correction using in vitro and in vivo models

► summary (pdf, 216 KB)

C. Sala (IT)

P. Billuart (FR)
E. Gundelfinger (DE)
J. Jaworski (PL)


FROM AUTISM TO SCHIZOPHRENIA: Study of the genetic mechanisms underlying brain dysfunction and structural phenotypes in schizophrenia and autistic spectrum disorders / AUSZ

► summary (pdf, 200 KB)

M.-O. Krebs (FR)

K.-A. Nave (DE)
G. Rouleau (CA)
M. Parellada (ES)
L. Fananas (ES)


Describing pathophysiology to promote focal therapy in treatment of schizophrenia – An animal experimental study

► summary (pdf, 208 KB)

C. Winter (DE)

G. Juckel (DE)
C. Hamani (CA)
I. Weiner (IL)
J. Pascau (ES)


European High-functioning Autism network: Translational research in a phenotypically well characterised sample

► summary (pdf, 208 KB)

T. Bourgeron (FR)

M. Leboyer (FR)
A. Brice (FR)
C. M. Freitag (DE)
F. Gómez Scholl (ES)


Novel strategies for the treatment of schizophrenia based on genetic variation of the neural cell adhesion molecule NCAM and enzymes involved in its posttranslational modifications

► summary (pdf, 208 KB)

R. Gerardy-Schahn (DE)

H. Ehrenreich (DE)
J. Nacher (ES)
C. Caltagirone (IT)
J. Kuznicki (PL)


Modeling human polymorphisms for nicotine addiction in mice

► summary (pdf, 200 KB)

U. Maskos (FR)

P. Robledo (ES)
S. Fucile (IT)


Pharmacogenomics of Antidepressant Drug ResponsE (PADRE): Tentative drug response biomarkers from human lymphoblastoid cells.

► summary (pdf, 212 KB)

J. Kirchheiner (DE)

D. Gurwitz (IL)
A. Serretti (IT)
A. Pilc (PL)


Pre-, peri- and postnatal Stress in human and non-human offspring:  A translational approach to study Epigenetic Impact on DepressiON

► summary (pdf, 184 KB)

M. Deuschle  (DE)

P.Gass (DE)
M. Szyf (CA)
G. Racagni (IT)


Subthalamic Nucleus Deep Brain Stimulation for the treatment of Impulse Control Disorders

► summary (pdf, 196 KB)

C. Baunez (FR)

C.A. Winstanley (CA)
M.C. Rodriguez Oroz (ES)


Improvement of treatment resistant depression by suppression of lateral habenula activity

► summary (pdf, 200 KB)

A. Sartorius (DE)

J.-C. Cassel (FR)
M. Walter (DE)
G. Goelman (IL)


Translational neuroimaging in alcoholism: Identification of altered brain connectivity and treatment efficacy predictors

► summary (pdf, 192 KB)

W. Sommer (DE)

K.Mann (DE)
S. Dursun (CA)
P. Hyytiä (FI)
S. Canals (ES)


Proposals are presented in alphabetical order according to their acronym.