Networking events

Training & Networking

The ERA-NET NEURON actively participates in European efforts for training and mobility in the neuroscience and mental health sector. NEURON aims to identify and support training opportunities at the national and international levels as well as possible training needs in thematic areas represented by our Joint Transnational Calls. This is accomplished in close collaboration with the FENS Committee for Higher Education and Training (CHET).

Cajal programme

Since 2018, NEURON co-sponsored the organisation of the Cajal Advanced Neuroscience Training Programme and a small number of stipends for early career participants. 

ERA-NET NEURON Plenary Lecture at FENS Forum

Since 2016, the collaboration with FENS and co-sponsoring of the biennial FENS Forum events enabled special lectures of the EPNA awardees within the conference program combined with free registration for the conference, and the opportunity of an ERA-NET NEURON Plenary Lecture.

Next Generation Networks in Neuroscience

NEURON provides early career researchers with opportunities to network and get together in several events. The “Next Generation Networks in Neuroscience” is a networking event gathering hundreds of young (or young minded) neuroscientists together to share information about mobility and funding opportunities. Organized since 2012, the event has already become a regular part of the biennial FENS Forum of Neuroscience event. In 2018, the Next Generation Networks in Neuroscience was organized in collaboration with FENS and the Human Brain Project in Berlin.

Midterm Symposia and Poster Awards

For the multidisciplinary projects funded in the joint transnational calls, specific Midterm Symposia are organized. in addition to the overall exchange between funded researchers they allow early career researchers to present their data in poster sessions and cross-interact with the projects funded in the scheme. These events are valuable opportunities for early career researchers to update their knowledge and build relationships within the scientific community of their field.

people in a conference room
Midterm Symposium 2019; © ERA-NET NEURON

NEURON Midterm symposium „External Insults“, Bonn 2019

At the NEURON Midterm symposium ‘Joint Transnational Call 2016 – External insults to the nervous system’ 167 funders, researchers, clinicians and early career researchers gathered in Bonn in January 2019. 

Marlies Dorlöchter, Frederico Moro and Erkki Raulo; © ERA-NET NEURON

Poster Awardee JTC2016: Frederico Moro (Italy)

At the Midterm symposium for JTC2016 early career researchers of the participating research groups presented their work with posters. The poster prize was awarded to Frederico Moro (Italy) from the BIO-AX-TBI consortium.

Erkki Raulo, poster prize awardee Maria Banqueri (MicroSynDep) and Marlies Dorlöchter
Erkki Raulo, poster prize awardee Maria Banqueri (MicroSynDep) and Marlies Dorlöchter; © ERA-NET NEURON

NEURON Midterm symposium and Poster Award, Lisbon, 2019

This exciting Midterm symposium combined two parallel JTC2017 calls, on “Synaptic Dysfunction” and on “Ethical, Legal, and Social Aspects (ELSA) of Neuroscience”, encompassing overall 40 early career researchers and 59 principle investigators. One of the highlights was a poster prize awarded to Maria Banqueri, from the MicroSynDep consortium that studies the involvement of microglia in major depressive disorder.

link to NEURON Young Investigators Satellite meeting, September 2019, Lisbon
Mila Mirceta and Prof Frank Kooy; © ERA-NET NEURON

NEURON Young Investigators Satellite meeting, September 2019, Lisbon

The recent NEURON Mid-Term symposium of projects funded in the joint call for proposals launched in 2017 a new format for support of Early Career Researchers was introduced – a satellite workshop organized by the team of a NEURON consortium AUTISYN.

Midterm symposium on “Neuroinflammation” and Poster Award, Madrid, 2016

The first collaborative results of the JTC 2014 ‘Neuroinflammation’ were presented by the coordinators of the ten funded consortia in September 2016. Graduate students and postdocs from the funded projects received NEURON travel grants to attend the meeting and present their research in a dedicated poster session. The poster prize went to a joint poster titled “CnsAflame: Neuroinflammatory mechanisms following traumatic brain injury” by three early career researchers C.Albert-Weissenberger (Germany), S. L. Zaltsman (Israel), and B. Rodriguez-Grande (France), who illustrated the international, collaborative spirit of NEURON.