Intelligent Neuro-Technologies Restoring Functions of Action and Communication: an Evaluation Study


?INTERFACES? is an international research project on ethical, legal and social aspects (ELSA) of brain-computer interfaces (BCI). This neuro-technology has recently made groundbreaking progress and is about to enter real-world application in motor & communication assistance, neuropsychiatric treatment and neuro-enhancement. The project aims to (1) investigate the neglected perspectives of patients, their families, health care professionals, and the public, (2) evaluate the fundamental conceptual, ethical and legal questions associated with BCI applications and (3) utilize the resulting insights to offer orientation for medicine and society, thus following a translational research approach. Interview studies with neurological patients and their families who have experience with BCI studies, an international survey of health care professionals and an experimental vignette study of citizens on the public?s moral intuitions will serve to collect needed empirical data. These will feed into an ethico-legal analysis on agency, autonomy and responsibility, which will be supported by an expert group deliberation. In a final knowledge translation phase, the research results serve to construct video and audio podcasts informing the public about ELSA of BCI and to write a policy brief for decision-makers in society.


Brain-Computer-Interface, Neurotechnology, Neuroethics, Man-maschine-interactions

Call topic

ELSA of Neuroscience

Proposed runtime

2016 - 2019

Project team

Orsolya Friedrich (Coordinator)
Germany (BMBF)
Jan Christoph Bublitz
Germany (BMBF)
Eric Racine
David Rodriguez-Arias
Spain (ISCIII)