PROJECT: JTC2019: BioStress

Translational biomarkers of traumatic stress


2 in 3 people will be exposed to traumatic stress such childhood trauma, interpersonal violence, accidents or sexual violation during their lifetime. This number is highly affected by cultural, political and regional factors across the world. From those, around 5-10% percent will develop Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which is often comorbid with major depressive disorder and a host of medical conditions. The goal of this grant is to combine relevant biological and psychological biomarkers of trauma with algorithms to predict and prevent the negative consequences of developing disorders after exposure to traumatic stress. This translational proposal has a multidisciplinary and complementary team that includes two psychiatrists with notable experience in neuroscience research - Dr Klengel and Dr Cardoner - and two neuroscientists that combine research in human and rodent studies - Dr Sandi and Dr Andero -. Thus, the strong point of this proposal is the ideal team we have built that will help us to be successful in the study of biomarkers of stress and psychopathology. The results of the studies derived from this grant will likely improve how patients are treated after exposure to traumatic stress.


Imaging techniques, Behavioural methodologies, Patient cohorts, Animal studies, traumatic stress translational

Call topic


Proposed runtime

2020 - 2022

Project team

Raul Andero (Coordinator)
Spain (ISCIII)
Torsten Klengel
Germany (BMBF)
Narcis Cardoner
Spain (ISCIII)
Carmen Sandi
Switzerland (SNSF)