Professors Korth's group at the Institute of Neuropatholoy at University of Düsseldorf focus - among other themes - their investigations on neurobiology and proteinbiochemistry with particular interest on protein misassembly, misfolding or misprocessing in brain diseases, and the development of pharmacotherapies to interfer with or prevent these protein pathologies.The generation of (mis)assembled proteins is investigated at the levels of generation, recognition and degradation in in vivo and in vitro models.

Within the research area of neurobiology of chronic mental diseases (CMD) schizophrenia and recurrent affective disorders the interest is in the identification and characterization of CMD-associated proteins by proteomics, biochemistry, and cell biology. The goals are to characterize sporadic CMD as protein misassembly disorders and to develop animal models for CMD. A strong focus is on translational research for identifying biological markers as diagnostic tests for CMD and CMD-associated conformers as pharmacological targets.

Interview of International Innovation with Carsten Korth from July 2012 on Mental illness Research: 2012_Interview_CK

The Ziskind-Somerfeld Award 2012 from the Society of Biological Psychiatry (Best Publication in 2011) was received for the paper: Convergence of two independent mental disease genes on the protein level: recruitment of dysbindin to cell-invasive disrupted-in-schizophrenia 1 aggresomes by Ottis P, Bader V, Trossbach SV, Kretzschmar H, Michel M, Leliveld SR, Korth C.

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