Virtual Meeting: European Biomedical Research Infrastructures’ resources for Researchers in Neurosciences | 1st & 3rd February 2022

NEURON had organized an open virtual meeting “European Biomedical Research Infrastructures’ resources for Researchers in Neurosciences”

The 2-day-webinar was organized by NEURON (ISCIII partner) in collaboration with EBRA and addressed the different resources that several European Biomedical Research Infrastructures, such as ELIXIR, EBRAINS and INFRAFRONTIER, can offer to the researchers in Neurosciences. The webinar was held on February 1st & 3rd, 2022.

Videos of the talks

Talk 1: Peter Maccallum on ELIXIR & Talk 2: Laura Portell on RDM-kit

Talk 3: France Nivelle on EBRAINS & Talk 4: Lluis Montoliu on INFRAFRONTIER

Panellists Short Introduction

Peter Maccallum

He is the current Chief Technical Officer at ELIXIR-Hub, leading the development of ELIXIR’s platforms and Communities, as well as the ELIXIR’s portfolio of bioinformatics services.
Prior to this role, he was Associate Director for Genome Informatics in AstraZeneca’s Centre for Genomics Research and Head of Research Computing Services at the University College London. The presentation on ELIXIR resources can be downloaded here:

Laura Portell

She is research engineer at the National Institute of Bioinformatics (INB) group at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), where she is involved in FAIR data management projects such as ELIXIR-CONVERGE, FAIRplus and OpenEBench.
Previously she did a Master of Science and Engineering in Industrial Biotechnology at the Technical University of Denmark.
The presentation on two different Data Management Tools developed by ELIXIR (RDM-kit and Data Stewardship Wizard), and that can be very useful for researchers to fulfil FAIR principles in their research projects and elaborate their Data Management Plans can be downloaded here:

France Nivelle

She is the Chief Communications and Content Officer at EBRAINS – The Human Brain Project. In this role, she is currently involved in developing and implementing a global communication and development strategy to build awareness about the innovative services and tools developed by the Human Brain Project teams and ensure broad outreach and dissemination of the research outcomes to continue to boost Brain science.
She has had previously a broad experience in accompanying change management, culture development and business transformation programs and strong expertise in developing impactful corporate (internal and external) communications strategies and overseeing their implementation at global and local level.
The presentation on EBRAINS resources can be downloaded here:

Lluis Montoliu

Lluis Montoliu is a Research Scientist in the field of biomedical science for the study of human rare diseases with a long research trajectory, at the National Centre for Biotechnology from the Spanish Scientific Research Council in Madrid, Spain. He is the Director of the Spanish node of the European Mouse Mutant Archive (EMMA/INFRAFRONTIER) since 2007. He was Honorary Professor at UAM for 20 years (1998-2018) and he is the President of the CSIC Ethics Committee and a member of the ERC Ethics Panel in Brussels (EU). He is involved as well in several Research Societies at national, European and international level. The INFRAFRONTIER presentation can be downloaded here: