31 January 2023Deadline for proposal remote evaluations
24 February 2023Evaluation results delivered to the Call Steering Committee
2 March 2023Meeting of the Call Steering Committee
14 March 2023Funding decision
24 March 2023Communication of results by the JCS
May-July 2023Start of selected projects


The first ERA-NET NEURON Networking Groups Joint Transnational Call for proposals was launched on the 6th of September 2022.
This first pilot action of the call format in NEURON was conducted as a one step-procedure.
The main features compared to the regular biomedical calls are:

  • Networking groups should address cross-cutting challenges in the research field of chronic pain
  • It should be clarified how the proposed outcome is potentially useful to the relevant community
  • The networking call does not fund experimental research activities

A Networking Group must consist of a minimum of 10, and should not exceed 25 participant institutions. At least half of the institutions participating to a Networking Group must be established in a member country of the ERA-NET NEURON COFUND 2.
As a result of the call, 11 proposals were submitted, all of which were eligible. These comprised 219 participant institutions from 30 different countries (Italy, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, Greece, Belgium, Spain, The Netherlands, Curaçao, Qatar, Ireland, Germany, United States of America, Australia, Austria, Denmark, Chile, Estonia, South Africa, Finland, Japan, Sweden, Poland, Portugal, Norway, Israel, Croatia, Serbia and New Zealand, see figure 1 below). A total of 554.410€ were requested, resulting in an average amount of ~50.401€ (excl. OH) per networking group.

Funding organisations supporting this call

Partner CountryFunding organisation
EstoniaEstonian Research Council (ETAg)
FranceFrench National Research Agency (ANR)
GermanyFederal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
ItalyMinistry of Health (MOH)
IrelandHealth Research Body (HRB)
UKMedical Research Council (MRC)