The special lecture ERA NET NEURON Excellent Paper in Neuroscience was presented online in the first virtual FENS Forum 2020.

EPNA 2019 Awardee: Alberto Paras Rodiguez
EPNA 2019 Awardee: Alberto Paras Rodiguez; © ERA-NET NEURON

The special lecture and award ceremony were opened by Dr. Marlies Dorlöchter, the coordinator of ERA-NET NEURON. She provided a short overview of the NEURON network activities and opportunities for Early Career Researchers. Next, Dr. Erkki Raulo, the Finnish initiator of the NEURON EPNA award program introduced the EPNA format as a continuous highlight to honor outstanding research achievements by Early Career Researchers and introduced the special lecture.

The 2020 awardee Alberto Parras Rodriguez from Lausanne, Switzerland presented his lecture entitled “Autism-like phenotype and risk gene mRNA deadenylation by CPEB4 mis-splicing”, which originated from work as part of his PhD thesis in Madrid. The online talk was followed by a lively Q&A session.