Success rates of submitted proposals

The application procedure consisted of a single stage. For details see Implementation of the call. Overall, 23 % of all proposals were eventually funded.

Success rates are summarised in the table below.

DescriptionProposalsSelected projects
No. of proposals225
Principal investigators involved5517
overall funding requested15,2 M €3,5 M €
Proposal success rate23%

Country of origin and gender distribution of the applicants

The number of successful principal investigators per country is displayed in Figure 1.

Number of successful principal investigators per country in a chart
Success of proposals per country © ERA-NET NEURON

Coordinators of proposals and funded proposals:

Proposals submitted (22 in total):Funded proposals (5 in total):
Germany: 18Germany: 4
Canada: 3Canada: 1
Switzerland: 1Switzerland: 0

Gender distribution

Proposals: 36% of the principal investigators were women, more particularly 45% of the coordinators.

Funded projects: 47% of the principal investigators are women, and more particularly 80% of the coordinators.