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NEURON Joint Call Secretariat
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Mental disorders are a major cause for morbidity, mortality and impaired quality of life in Europe. Biomedical and health research provides important knowledge to better understand mental disorders and helps improving diagnosis, therapy, and rehabilitation procedures. To address this topic, the ‘Network of European Funding for Neuroscience’ (NEURON) aims to coordinate research efforts and funding programmes of its partner countries in the field of disease related neuroscience, specifically in the field of mental health and mental disorders. The NEURON funding organizations particularly wish to promote multidisciplinary work and transnational research proposals that combine basic and clinical approaches. With this aim, 19 funding organisations from 16 countries aligned their efforts to launch a Joint Transnational Call for Research Proposals on the topic of Mental Disorders.

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Announcment of the publication of the CORBEL Catalogue of Services, offering an overview on what kind of services (access to samples and technologies, data, tools, expertise etc.) can be accessed from the participating research infrastructures).

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