Together for Brain Research – NEURON 2021 – 2025 Kick off symposium on January 27th, 2021, 1.30 pm CET

ERA-NET NEURON will continue its work and particularly the Joint Transnational Calls in the coming five years. Following a favorable assessment by the European Commission services the NEURON Cofund2 proposal was approved for funding under the Horizon2020 programme. The 27 network participants from 23 countries celebrate the start of the new period with a scientific symposium on January 27th, 2021. The ambitious program comprises four panel discussion with highly renowned researchers.

The topic ‘Priorities for brain research in neurology and psychiatry’ will be explored by Martin Dichgans (Germany),  Jean-Antoine Girault (France), Claudio Bassetti (Switzerland), Philip Gorwood (France), and Frauke Zipp (Germany) and the panel discussion moderated by Bernard Poulain (France).

The topic ‘Reinforcing the links between the lay organizations and the basic scientists and the clinicians’ will be examined by Christina Müller (Germany), Cristina Tassorelli (Italy), Donna Walsh (Ireland), Philippa Lowe (UK), and Christina Fasser (Switzerland) and the panel discussion moderated by Hella Lichtenberg (Germany).

‘Data sharing, legal and ethical aspects in brain research’ as third panel discussion will be augmented by contributions from Daniel Strech (Germany), Jacques Demotes Mainard (France), Wiebke Löbker (Germany), and Thomas Steckler (Belgium) and the panel discussion moderated by Hella Lichtenberg (Germany).

The important issue of ‘Strengthening and structuring brain research in the EU’ will be examined by Karim Berkouk, European Commission, Marlies Dorlöchter (Germany), Monica di Luca (Italy), and Philippe Amouyel (France) and the panel discussion moderated by Etienne Hirsch (France).

The panel discussions will be recorded and later available as download on our website.

This event is open to the public within the technical limitations of the online format.

If you are interested to participate in this symposium please write an email to