ERA-NET NEURON Cofund Meeting

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Joint Mid-Term Symposium of JTCs 2017:
 “Synaptic Dysfunction” &
 “Ethical, Legal, and Social Aspects (ELSA) of Neuroscience”


The meeting  takes place back-to-back with the 5ª International Conference on Neuroethics on 16-17 September,  which may also be of interest for you.


17th-20th September 2019

Gulbenkian Foundation

Av. de Berna, 45A,

Lisbon, Portugal

Preliminary Agenda

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Tuesday, 17th September 2019


Registration and Lunch NEURON Mid-term symposium

12:10-15:30 (tbc)

Young Investigators Satellite Meeting
interactive format with selected presentations,
separate registration by 30. July via survey


Coffee Break



joint Poster session NEURON & ICONE5





How to write a good Ethics Self Assessment


Prof T. Spranger, Faculty of Law, University of Bonn, Germany

Practical Ethics – practice examples of the Munich Graduate School for Ethics in Practice (MPEG)

PD Bagattini, Munich Graduate School for Ethics in Practice, Germany


Joint Poster prize ceremony ("Daniel Serrão"and NEURON poster prizes)


Networking and Social Event




Wednesday, 18th September 2019

(Please note that this schedule of the presentations has yet to be confirmed)



Marlies Dorlöchter (NEURON Coordinator)

9:15 –10:30

Session 1: PTSD and Depression


topdownPTSD - Mapping and interrogating top-down control of the memory engram of the posttraumatic stress disorder

Mazahir Hasan (ESP, Coordinator), Stefano Puglisi-Allegra (ITA), Agnés Gruart i Massó (ESP), Philipp Böhm-Sturm (GER), Stephanie Le Hellard (NOR), Ewa Oglodek (POL)


MicroSynDep - Microglial control of synaptic function in stress response and vulnerability to depression

Marie-Eve Tremblay (CAN, Coordinator), Igor Branchi (ITA), Martin Fuhrmann (GER), Naguib Mechawar (CAN), Maciej Lalowski (FIN), Valeria Mondelli (other), Bozena Kaminska (POL)


SleepLess - Imaging synaptic plasticity in therapeutic sleep deprivation for major depression

David Elmenhorst (GER, Coordinator), Jeroen Verhaeghe (BEL), Pedro Rosa-Neto (CAN)



Coffee Break


Session 2: Psychosis

NMDAR-PSY - Understanding psychosis, cognitive impairment and motor symptoms induced by NMDA receptor dysfunction: from mechanisms to prevention and therapy

Dragos Inta (GER, Coordinator), Hannah Monyer (GER), Stefan Borgwardt (CHE), Uriel Heresco-Levy (ISR), Ole Andreassen (NOR), Raul Muresan (ROU)

SYNSCHIZ - Linking synaptic dysfunction to disease mechanisms in schizophrenia - a multi-level investigation

Ole Andreassen (NOR, Coordinator), Marcella Rietschel (GER), Stefan Borgwardt (CHE), Marja-Leena Linne (FIN), Dirk Schubert (NDL), Magdalena Budisteanu (ROU)


iPS_BRAIN/NICO_SNP - A functional dissection of human nicotinic receptor polymorphisms linked to addiction and schizophrenia

Uwe Maskos (FRA, Coordinator), Huib Mansvelder (NDL), Petra Scholze (AUT)


THERENIA - Therapeutic and Enhancement Uses of Neuroscientific Knowledge: A Question of Individual Autonomy?

Juha Räikkä (FIN, Coordinator), Jennifer Chandler (CA), Kai Vogeley (GER)







Session 3: Intellectual disability, ASD, Addiction


TREAT-SNGAP - Synaptic Dysfunction in Intellectual Disability Caused by SYNGAP1. Translational Research to Develop Human Models and Advance Pharmacological Treatments.

Àlex Bayés (ESP, Coordinator), Oliver Brüstle (GER), Daniel Choquet (FRA), Jacques Michaud (CAN), Barbara Treutlein (GER)


MAGNOLIA - Amygdala synaptic neuromodulatory mechanisms and role of mGlu4 in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Cyril Goudet (FRA, Coordinator), Ingrid Ehrlich (GER), Julie Le Merrer (FRA), Amadeu Llebaria (ESP)


ADIKHUMICE - VGLUT3 rare mutant and vulnerability to addiction

Salah El Mestikawy (CAN, Coordinator), Stephane Jamain (FRA), Florence Vorspan (FRA), Rafael Maldonado (ESP), Christian Rosenmund (GER)


A-BRAIN (ELSA) - Addiction in the Brain: Ethically Sound Implementation in Governance

Matilda Hellman (FIN, Coordinator), Patricia Conrod (CAN), Christian Hendershot (CAN), Sarah Forbeger (GER)



Coffee Break


Session 4: Stroke and Epilepsy


MISST - Multi-scale investigation of synaptic dysfunction after stroke

Valentin Nägerl (FRA, Coordinator), Nikolaus Plesnila (GER), Jérôme Badaut (FRA), Leszek Kaczmarek (POL), Javier Defelipe (ESP), Baiba Jansone (LVA)


KARTLE - Targeting aberrant KAinate Receptors in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

Christophe Mulle (FRA, Coordinator), Valérie Crepel (FRA), Dirk Grimm (GER), Bernard Pirotte(BEL)


SNAREopathy - Mechanisms of neuropsychiatric genetic diseases of the SNARE complex: towards therapeutic intervention

Ruud Toonen (NLD, Coordinator), Federico Zara (ITA), Holger Lerche (GER), Christian Freund (GER), Camila Esguerra (NOR)


FUTUREBODY (ELSA) - The Future of the Body in the Light of Neurotechnology

Christoph Coenen (GER, Coordinator), Gregor Wolbring (CAN), Oliver Müller (GER), Markus Schmidt (AUT)



Discussions and Lessons Learnt


Networking and Social Event




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