Impact reports

For each NEURON call an Impact Report gives an overview on the most important outcomes according to the ERA-NETs overarching objectives. Those reports are based on a questionnaire assessing key performance indicators, which the consortia complete six months after the projects’ end.

Joint Transnational Call 2014 ‘European Research Projects on Neuroinflammation’, Impact Report (PDF, 400 kb)

Joint Transnational Call 2013 ‘European Research Projects on Mental Disorders’, Impact Report (PDF, 660 kb) 

Joint Transnational Call 2012 ‘European Research Projects on Novel Methods and Approaches towards the Understanding of Brain Diseases’ Impact Report (PDF 1,16 MB) 

Joint Transnational Call 2011 ‘European Research Projects on Cerebrovascular Diseases’ Impact Report (PDF, 491 kb) 

Joint Transnational Call 2010 ‘European Research Projects on Mental Disorders’ Impact Report (PDF, 488 kb) 

Report on 'External insults to the nervous system'
In May 2015 a symposium on the topic 'External insults to the nervous system' was held in Bucharest. The symposium is part of Work Package 2 'Development of a Strategic Research Agenda' of the NEURON project. 

Report on ‘National Funding Portfolios of European Funding Organisations in Neuroscience’
The report summarises results of a survey about funding activities in the area of neurosciences carried out among 15 NEURON partner organisations. It follows-up on a previous, extensive survey.

Early career scientists report
The ERA-NET NEURON performed a monitoring study (PDF 1,1 MB) to explore the position of early career scientists in the 2010-2011 ERA-NET NEURON joint transnational calls “Mental Disorders” and "Cerebrovascular Diseases". Based on the study, no indication of a bias toward older researchers was observed. This indicates the transnational funding scheme from ERA-NET NEURON is a relevant source of funding for young researchers at the early stages of their careers. 

Report on NEURON’s Joint Transnational Calls (JTCs) 2015
NEURON’s Joint Transnational Calls (JTCs) were most positively surveyed by the neuroscience community and stakeholders. One of NEURON’s core elements, the Joint Transnational Calls (JTCs) were surveyed by the neuroscience community and stakeholders. The added value of the JTCs and the multidisciplinary topics meeting the needs of the neuroscience research community were greatly appreciated. Efficient call conduction procedures were found to be matched by an informative website. Suggestions on dissemination of the JTCs will improve practices for the future NEURON calls. You will find the report here (1,11 MB, PDF).

Outcome Report Joint Transnational Call 2009
The outcome of JTC2009 ‘Technology Development’ was analysed using key performance indicators. Results were very positive and major achievements yielded by the projects are highlighted. Download the full report with detailed analyses here. 

Joint Transnational Call 2008 ‘Neurodegeneration’ Impact Report (PDF, 654 kb)