2019 "Biomarkers"

Call for Proposals for Research Projects on "Translational Biomarkers in Brain Disorders".

In Europe, one out of every four citizens experiences a neurological or psychiatric condition, leading to a serious economic and social burden due to long-term disability and mortality. Neuroscience research and its translation into diagnostic and therapeutic outcomes are of fundamental importance to improve health in our society.

To address this topic, the 'Network of European Funding for Neuroscience Research' (NEURON) aims to coordinate research efforts and funding programmes across Europe and beyond to promote disease-related biomedical research to find and validate reliable biomarkers in the field of brain diseases. NEURON particularly wishes to encourage multidisciplinary approaches and translational research proposals combining basic and clinical research that will ultimately help to develop new strategies for prevention, diagnosis, therapy, and rehabilitation. With this aim, 17 funding organisations from 15 countries launched a Joint Transnational Call for Research Proposals on ‘Translational Biomarkers in Brain Disorders’.

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Call text: Read more about this call’s purpose, aims, and application procedures.

Implementation of the call: The call’s time line, procedures and supporting funding organisations in detail

Evaluators: 36 international experts supported the NEURON proposal selection process

Funded Projects: 15 transnational consortia work on ‘Translational Biomarkers in Brain Disorders’.

Call statistics: Success rates, country of origin and gender aspects