The NEURON network launches the annual calls for ’Excellent Paper in Neuroscience Award’, EPNA. The call is targeted to early-career researches with tight guiding criteria. Early-career researchers can apply with their first author research articles in international peer review journals with a high impact factor. The topic of the article must be clearly relevant to disease related neuroscience and the work must be done in an ERA-NET NEURON partner country. The awardee receives a prize of 3,000 €, and an invitation to present the paper at a conference, including travel support.

Every two years the EPNA-awardee is invited to the largest European conference in the neuroscience field, FENS-Forum; Federation of European Neuroscience Societes http://www.fens.org, giving the awardee a possibility to present her/his results to a large scientific audience. Thus, the call and the award ceremony are aimed to increase the attractiveness of neuroscience research within the early-career researchers, raise the awareness of the talented awardees and their excellent scientific results to a larger audience.

Past EPNA Award ceremonies. Note, the Award is granted in the year following the open EPNA call:

2021 Online-Meeting, David Zada

2019 Bonn, Germany, Tobias Kaufmann 

2018 Berlin, Germany, Cristina García Cáceres

2017 Riga, Latvia, Gabriele Deidda

2016 Copenhagen, Denmark, Julien Courtin

2015 Vienna, Austria, Anai Gonzalez Cordero

2014 Milan, Italy, Nadia Kaouane

2013 Ein Bokek, Israel, Anat London, Elena Itskovich, and Inbal Benhar

2012 Barcelona, Spain, Fanie Barnabé-Heider & Fernando Kasanetz

2011 Rome, Italy, Jens Schwamborn

2010 Amsterdam, Netherlands, Heidi Nousiainen