Funded Projects

14 transnational research consortia are funded under the umbrella of the NEURON JTC 2018 "Mental Disorders". In total, 62 research groups from 11 European countries, Canada and Israel collaborate in these projects. The total funding volume of the call amounts to about 12.3 M€.

Projects and partners are shown below. Please click on “summary” to download a brief project overview. See also our newsletter on the JTC 2018.



Coordinator (in bold) and Partners


The pleiotropic effects of ADNP in Mental Disorders

summary (pdf, 75 KB)

Kooy, Frank (BE)
Gozes, Illana (IL)
Fuentes, Patricio (IT)
Pearson, Christopher (CA)a


Targeting adolescent neurocognitive processes in depression to promote intervention response

summary (pdf, 76 KB)

Martinot, Jean-Luc (FR)
Conrod, Patricia (CA)
Belzung, Catherine (FR)
Branchi, Igor
Tibu, Florin (RO)


Multiscale analysis of anti-NMDA receptor autoantibody in psychosis

summary (pdf, 75 KB)

Groc, Laurent (FR)
Leboyer, Marion (FR)
Geis, Christian (DE)
Dalmau, Josep (ES)
Marquet, Pierre (CA)


Decrypting Cadherin-13 function in cortico-cerebellar circuitry underlying neurodevelopmental disorders!

summary (pdf, 76 KB)

Nadif Kasri, Nael (NL)
Lesch, Klaus-Peter (DE)
Di Cristo, Graziella (CA)
Ango, Fabrice


The DiSCoVeR Project: Examining the synergistic effects of a cognitive control videogame and a home-based, self-administerd non-invasive brain stimulation on alleviating depression

summary (pdf, 77 KB)

Nahum, Mor (IL)
Bavelier, Daphne (CH)
Hummel, Friedhelm (CH)
Padberg, Frank (DE)
Bonne, Omer (IL)
Rancans, Elmars (LV)


Impact of Early life MetaBolic and psychosocial strEss on susceptibility to mental Disorders; from converging epigenetic signatures to novel targets for therapeutic intervention

summary (pdf, 76 KB)

Cirulli, Francesca (IT)
Rietschel, Marcella (DE)
Szyf, Moshe (CA)
Tacutu, Robi (RO)


Microglial activation in Complement C4-stratified schizophrenic patients and in a mouse model of C4 overexpression

summary (pdf, 76 KB)

Tamouza, Ryad (FR)
Le Magueresse, Corentin (FR)
Fuhrmann, Martin (DE)
Zuber, Benoît (CH)
Jansone, Baiba (LV)


Microbiome Gut-Brain interaction in Anorexia Nervosa

summary (pdf, 78 KB)

Herpertz-Dahlmann, Beate (DE)
Baines, John F (DE)
Karwautz, Andreas (AT)
Fetissov, Sergueï O. (FR)
Adan, Roger (NL)


Disruption of the spatio-temporal dialogue between migrating cortical neurons as underlying factor in Autism Spectrum Disorder

summary (pdf, 75 KB)

Penagarikano, Olga (ES)
Nguyen, Laurent (BE)
Manent, Jean Bernard (FR)
Cappello, Silvia (DE)


Oligodendrocyte precursor cell dysfunction linked to schizophrenia: from mechanisms towards new therapeutic strategies

summary (pdf, 74 KB)

Angulo, Maria Cecilia (FR)
Kushner, Steven (NL)
Voronova, Anastassia (CA)


Preclinical Phase II Testing of Psilocybin in Alcohol Addiction and Epigenetic and Neuroimaging Studies on the Mode of Action

summary (pdf, 77 KB)

Spanagel, Rainer (DE)
Ciccocioppo, Roberto (IT)
Naassila, Mickaël (FR)
Vollenweider, Franz X. (CH)


A novel paradigm for effective and safer treatment of schizophrenia: biased (ant)agonists with a characterized polypharmacological profile

summary (pdf, 76 KB)

Selent, Jana (ES)
Kolb, Peter (DE)
Bouvier, Michel (CA)


Targeting TAO2 and its downstream pathway as critical effectors of Autism spectrum disorders in 16p11.2 microdeletion patients

summary (pdf, 77 KB)

Calderon de Anda, Froylan (DE)
Soba, Peter (DE)
De Wit, Joris (BE)
Singh, Karun (CA)
Scherer, Stephen (CA)


UNveiling the MEchanism(s) underlying the switch to mania during antidepressant treatment: The role of glutamate

summary (pdf, 77 KB)

Homberg, Judith (NL)
Ris, Laurence (BE)
Gass, Peter (DE)
Brambilla, Paolo
Jezova, Daniela (SK)