2018 "Mental Disorders"

Call for Proposals for Transnational Research Projects on Mental Disorders

Deadline for pre-proposal submission:

8 March 2018; 14:00 CET


8 January 2018


The aim of the call is to facilitate multinational, collaborative research projects that will address important questions related to mental health and mental disorders. These may include research on mood disorders (major depression, bipolar disorders), anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, autism spectrum disorders, substance use disorders, and other mental disorders.

Research questions may encompass the entire lifespan. Since many mental disorders develop during childhood, adolescence and early adulthood (< 25 years), it is a clear interest for society to find pharmacological, psychological therapies and brain stimulation therapies, besides new diagnostic strategies, to promote mental health in this focus group.

Research on dementia is excluded from the present call.

The call will accept novel and original research proposals within the breadth of research understanding basic mechanisms of disease to proof-of-concept clinical studies in humans.

The NEURON funding organizations particularly wish to promote multi-disciplinary work and translational research proposals that combine basic and clinical approaches. For many research questions, collaboration within a consortium of psychiatrists and neurologists is important and therefore encouraged, where appropriate, along with fundamental neuroscientists, and disciplines with specific expertise such as e.g. neuro-pediatricians.

Research proposals should cover at least one of the following areas:

a) Fundamental research on the pathogenesis, aetiology and resilience mechanisms of mental disorders. This may include the development of innovative or shared resources and technologies. The relevance of the research to disease must be clearly indicated.

b) Clinical research to develop novel strategies for prevention, (early) diagnosis, patient stratification, therapy, and/or rehabilitation procedures for mental disorders.

Proposal submission:
It is strongly recommended that all applicants thoroughly read the information provided below.


Call text: Read more about this call’s purpose, aims, and application procedures.

Country-specific information: Please study thoroughly the regulations for your country/region

Contact persons: It is strongly recommended that applicants call their national/regional contact person prior to submitting a proposal.


For general information, please contact the Joint Call Secretariat:

ERA-NET NEURON Joint Call Secretariat
Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness

State Research Agency

Ana Barra

phone: (+34) 91 603 83 98




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