Strategic Research Agenda Part II: Feedback from professional and patient organisations

ERA-NET NEURON invited the scientific community to comment on the Scientific Research Agenda (SRA, 2015).
The content of the SRA was developed by a group of international researchers who covered a broad range of expertise in fundamental neuroscience, neurology, psychiatry, and sensory organs. Via a survey NEURON sought feedback about the SRA from the scientific community. A questionnaire asked professional societies and patient organisations originating from all NEURON partner countries about their satisfaction with the SRA topics and priorities.

This survey resulted in the Strategic Research Agenda Part II (SRA II, PDF, 1 MB) 'Feedback from professional and patient organisations', also available in a printer-friendly version.
We would like to thank participants for taking the time to answer the questionnaire and for their comments which will help the NEURON consortium to further shape the SRA and future activities.