Funded Projects

Ten transnational research consortia are funded under the umbrella of the NEURON JTC 2015 “Neurodevelopmental Disorders”. In total, 42 research groups from six European countries, Canada and Israel collaborate in these projects. The total funding volume of the call adds up to about 7.7 m€.

Projects and partners are shown below.



Coordinator (in bold) and Partners


Modelling syndromic autism caused by mutations in the ADNP gene

summary (pdf, 72 KB)

Frank Kooy (BE)
Illana Gozes (IL)
Germain Pierre Luc (IT)
Christopher Pearson (CA)


Chromatin-related intellectual disability syndromes: Molecular etiology and therapy

summary (pdf, 72 KB)

Angel Barco (ES)
Lidia Larizza (IT)
Efrat Edry (IL)
Eloisa Herrera (ES)


Deciphering hyperexcitable networks associated with neurodevelopmental lesions

summary (pdf, 72 KB)

Albert J. Becker (DE)
Alfonso Represa (FR)
Ilan Lampl (IL)
Viktor Jirsa (FR)


Understanding and reprogramming developmental visual disorders: from anophthalmia to cortical impairment

summary (pdf, 72 KB)

Paola Bovolenta (ES)
Benedikt Berninger (DE)
Carolina Frassoni (IT)
Michéle Studer (FR)
Marta Nieto (ES)


Deciphering the multifaceted pathways underlying MCPH pathogenesis in the mouse and human

summary (pdf, 76 KB)

Pierre Gressens (FR)
Pierre Vanderhaeghen (BE)
Marcos Malumbres (ES)
Wieland Huttner (DE)


Neuro-Developmental Research on the Etiology of Amblyopia and its Management

summary (pdf, 72 KB)

Jochen Triesch (DE)
Robert Hess (CA)
Concetta Morrone (IT)
Maria Fronius (DE)


Role of serotonin in the pathogenesis of neurodevelopmental disorders

summary (pdf, 72 KB)

Michael Bader (DE)
Klaus Lesch (DE)
Piotr Popik (PL)
Patricia Gaspar (FR)


Striatal development and Meis1 Action in Restless Legs Syndrome

summary (pdf, 92 KB)

Juliane Winkelmann (DE)
Miguel Torres (ES)
Wojciech Krezel (FR)



Stem cells and mechanisms contributing to human cortical malformations

summary (pdf, 72 KB)

Fiona Francis (FR)
Orly Reiner (IL)
Laurent Nguyen (BE)
Nadia Bahi-Buisson (FR)
Julia Ladewig (DE)



Key Determinants of Synaptic Excitation/Inhibition Imbalance in Autism Spectrum Disorders - From Genetic Animal Models to Human Patients

summary (pdf, 76 KB)

Joris de Wit (BE)
Ann Marie Craig (CA)
Nils Brose (DE)
Daniel Choquet (FR)
Thomas Bourgeron (FR)