Feedback from patient and professional organisations, SRA Part2, October 2020.

Since 2007 outreach is one of the main activities of NEURON. Digital and print publications, video clips the website, and not least regular Newsletters serve to make the outcome of NEURON’s activities available to the broad public.

A continued dialogue between programme managers and a dedicated scientific advisory board is necessary to keep track of the burning research questions and challenges in the field. In 2020 the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) was updated by a group of international researchers who covered a broad range of expertise in fundamental neuroscience, neurology, psychiatry, and sensory organs. Annual scientific foresight symposia address specific items of the SRA to identify future scientific research areas of high impact as possible call topics. The foresight activities and scientific workshops with renowned researchers from the scientific community constitute the respective key element of NEURON aimed to integrate existing knowledge with new developments and future possibilities. The publications on such foresight activities have already been released covering broad areas from new technologies in neurosciences to neurodevelopment and related disorders. It is important to identify priority topics that link the partners’ national strategies and priorities and international strategies in the field of disease-related neuroscience research. Thus, particularly the symposia make ends of science and funding policies meet to the greater benefit of research value.

Monitoring is essential to evaluate the impact of NEURON investments in transnational research on brain-related diseases. NEURON continues in this tradition and support and shape a strong European Research Area. The progress and outputs of the granted projects are monitored and summarized in the impact that cover the JTCs 2008 to 2012. The results of the funded projects in terms of exchange, training, and publications bear witness for the supremacy of the scientific excellence criterion for the selection of proposals for funding.