Call statistics

The success rates of submitted proposals as well as the country of origin and the gender of the applicants involved in the JTC2012 “Novel Methods” are outlined below.

Success rates of submitted proposals

The application procedure consisted of two stages: stage I “pre-proposal selection” and stage II “full proposal selection”, for details see Implementation of the call. Overall, 6% of all pre-proposals were eventually funded.



Success rates are summarized in the table below.



Stage I:

Stage II:
Full proposals

Funded projects

No. of proposals




- Principal Investigators involved




- overall funding requested

161 M €

33.4 M €

11.3 Mio

Proposal success rate




* three pre-proposals were excluded for formal reasons




Country of origin and gender distribution of the applicants


The number of successful Principal Investigators per country is outlined with regard to pre-proposals (Figure 1a) and with regard to full proposals (Figure 1b) submitted to this call.

Country of origin and gender distribution of the applicants

No. of Principal Investigators

Coordinators of pre-proposals and full proposals applied from the countries below:

Pre-proposals submitted:           Full proposals funded:
Austria:  2   France:  3
Belgium: 2    Germany: 5 
Canada: 10    Italy: 1 
Finland: 7   Poland: 1
France: 26   Spain: 1
Germany: 77
Israel: 8
Italy: 16
Poland: 2
Portugal: 3
Romania: 3
Spain: 25

Gender distribution

Pre-proposals: 22% of the Principal Investigators and coordinators involved in the pre-proposals submitted to this call were female.

Full proposals: 20% of all Principal Investigators involved in the full proposals submitted to this call; and 18% of the coordinators were female.

Funded projects: In the funded projects, 21% of the Principal Investigators and % of the coordinators were female.