Funded Projects

Eleven transnational research consortia are funded under the umbrella of the NEURON JTC2012 “Novel Methods”. In total, 47 research groups from 10 European countries, Canada and Israel collaborate in these projects. The total funding volume of the call adds up to 11.3 M €.


Projects and collaboration partners are shown below. Please click on “summary” to download a brief project overview. See also our newsletter on the JTC2012.



Coordinator (in bold) and Partners


Preparation of amyloid-beta aggregate species from synthetic and patient-derived material to define disease-causing mechanisms

► summary (pdf, 254 KB)

Erich Wanker (DE)
Bart De Strooper (BE)
Luc Buée (FR)
Giuseppe Lembo (IT)


Cell stress inducible protein expression system for recovery from seizures

► summary (pdf, 373 KB)

Jochen Meier (DE)
Kai Kaila (FI)
Richard Miles (FR)
Carola Haas (DE)


FOODforTHOUGHT: The epigenomics of eating disorders

► summary (pdf, 337 KB)

Andreas Ladurner (DE)
Rui Costa (PT)
Mara Dierssen (ES)
Giuseppe Testa (IT)
Bartosz Wilczynski (PL)


Deciphering the role of peripheral and central nervous system metabotropic glutamate receptors in neurophatic pain with photoactivable ligands

► summary (pdf, 323 KB)

Amadeu Llebaria (ES)
Jesús Giraldo (ES)
Francisco Ciruela (ES)
Ferdinando Nicoletti (IT)
Jean-Philippe Pin (FR)


Neuronal Networks in microfluidic chips for the study of propagative neuronal disorders

► summary (pdf, 342 KB)

Jean Michel Peyrin (FR)
Jean-Louis Viovy (FR)
Andreas Offenhausser (DE)
Joaqín Castilla (ES)
Anselme Pierrier (FR)


Role of the amyloid precursor protein APP for brain physiology and therapeutic potential for Alzheimer’s disease

► summary (pdf, 174 KB) 

Ulrike C. Müller (DE)
Fred Van Leuven (BE)
Nathalie Cartier (FR)
Christian Buchholz (DE)


Restoring function in stroke via GPR17, a new receptor involved in adult brain self-repair

► summary (pdf, 357 KB)

Elena Tremoli (IT)
Leda Dimou (DE)
José Maria Delgado-García (ES)
Federico Calegari (DE)


Simultaneous MEG or fMRI And INtracranial EEG

► summary (pdf, 408 KB)

Jean-Philippe Lachaux (FR)
Sarang Dalal (DE)
Gustavo Deco (ES)


Superresolution imaging and therapeutic targeting of extracellular matrix-mediated signalling in brain diseases

► summary (pdf, 435 KB)

Alexander Dityatev (DE)
Evgeni Ponimaskin (DE)
Valentin Nägerl (FR)
Masha Niv (IL)

TBI Epilepsy

Proteolytic remodeling of the extracellular matrix in aberrant synaptic plasticity underlying epilepsy evoked by traumatic brain injury

► summary (pdf, 386 KB)

Leszek Kaczmarek (PL)
Asla Pitkanen (FI)
Olli Tenovuo (FI)
Stefanie Dedeurwaerdere (BE)


White matter imaging, microstructure, and negative affects: translational study in humans and mice

► summary (pdf, 270 KB)

Jean-Luc Martinot (FR)
Naguib Mechawar (CA)
Eleni Tzavara (FR)
Jürgen Hennig (DE)
Charbel Massaad (FR)


Proposals are presented in alphabetical order according to their acronym.