Transnational funding principles

A follow-up analysis on ‘National Funding Portfolios of European Funding Organisations in Neuroscience’ (2015, PDF, 361 kB) was carried out during the runtime of  NEURON II in summer 2014 among NEURON partner organisations. The analysis follows-up on an extensive survey conducted in 2007 (see below). The results reported here show that funding principles and instruments remained stable over several years. Despite some differences between the funding organisations, many common aims and funding principles were identified; by Sascha Helduser (DLR-PT, Germany). 

The report about the Transnational Funding Activities in the NEURON Area (2009, PDF, 382 KB) summarises the results of a survey that was developed in the first half of 2007. Data acquisition was conducted between May 2007 and September 2008. The report summarises information from 12 different NEURON partner organisations representing 10 different countries. By Herbert Mayer (FWF, Austria).

A survey of "European funding programmes for neuroscience" (2008, PDF, 427 KB). The report summarizes the results of a survey that was conducted in the framework of the ERA-Net NEURON during Summer 2007. It presents information about funding activities in the area of neurosciences, neurology, and psychiatry provided by 33 private and public funding organisations from 20 countries; by Rainer Girgenrath and Marlies Dorlöchter (DLR-PT, Germany).