NEURON Joint Call 2011: "European Research Projects on Cerebrovascular Diseases "

Ten transnational research consortia are funded under the umbrella of the NEURON JTC2011 “Cerebrovascular Diseases”. In total, 42 research groups from nine European countries, Canada and Israel collaborate in these projects. The total funding volume of the call adds up to 9.7 million €.
Research projects focus on the most important cerebrovascular diseases, such as stroke, small vessel disease, or vascular cognitive impairment.

Projects and collaboration partners are shown below. Please click on “summary” to download a brief project overview. See also our related newsletter on the JTC2011.




Coordinator and Partners


Neuroimaging and molecular biomarkers of vascular cognitive impariment.

► summary (pdf, 410 KB)

Tracy Farr (DE)
Guadalupe Soria (ES)
Chrystelle Po (FR)


Cerebral Cavernous Malformations. From pathobiology to therapeutic strategies.

► summary (pdf, 371 KB)

Andreas Fischer (DE)
Corinne Albiges-Rizo (FR)
Elisabeth Tournier-Lasserve (FR)
Juan Zalvide (ES)


Cognitive recovery after stroke: Translational approach to new therapies of higher motor deficits.

► summary (pdf, 262 KB)

Ferdinand Binkofski (DE)
Giovanni Buccino (IT)
Joseph Classen (DE)
Julien Doyon (CA)
Avi Karni (IL)


Biomaterials scaffolding for brain reconstruction in stroke

► summary (pdf, 217 KB)

Juán A. Barcia-Albacar (ES)
Domenico D'Avella (IT)
James Kirkpatrick (DE)
Andrés Lozano (CA)
Manuel Monleón-Pradas (ES)


MRI Navigated Enhancement of Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC) Homing Toward Stroke Lesion - Evaluating an Impact on Animal Recovery with Behavioral Testing and Imaging

► summary (pdf, 360 KB)

Barbara Lukomska (PL)
Johannes Boltze (DE)
Julla Jolkkonen (FI)


Mechanisms of Small Vessel Related Brain Damage and Cognitive Impairment: Integrating Imaging Findings from Genetic and Sporadic Disease

► summary (pdf, 339 KB)

Martin Dichgans (DE)
Hugues Chabriat (FR)
Jean-Francois Mangin (FR)
Reinhold Schmidt (AT)


Role of danger signals in stroke and therapeutic targeting by nanobodies

► summary (pdf, 324 KB)

Tim Magnus (DE)
Christoph Kleinschnitz (DE)
Andrea La Sala (IT)
Carlos Matute (ES))
Anna Planas (ES)


Influence of protease before, during and after stroke

► summary (pdf, 266 KB)

Denis Vivien (FR)
Jari Koistinaho (FI)
Joan Montaner (ES)
José A. Páramo (ES)


Restoration of Vision after Stroke (REVIS)

► summary (pdf, 435 KB)

Bernhard Sabel (DE)
Paolo Maria Rossini (IT)
Turgut Tatlisumak (FI)
Violetta Waleszczyk (PL)
Udo Warschewske (DE)


Spreading Depolarization in Small Vessel Disease

► summary (pdf, 184 KB)

Jens Dreier (DE)
Brian MacVicar (CA)
Alon Friedman (IL)


Proposals are presented in alphabetical order according to their acronym.