European Research Projects on Cerebrovascular Diseases

The brain is a highly sensitive organ that crucially depends on a constant supply with oxygen and nutrients by the blood stream. Already short disturbances in the blood supply may cause irreversible disabilities - or may even be fatal. In Europe, every year more than 1.2 million people die from cerebrovascular diseases, such as stroke. Treating cerebrovascular diseases is a major health challenge in the countries participating in the ERA-NET NEURON.

The NEURON Joint Transnational Call 2011 “European Research projects on Cerebrovascular Diseases” therefore addresses this important neurological topic. Improving the understanding of pathological processes underlying cerebrovascular diseases and advancing new strategies for their (early) diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation are the major aims of the call. Fundamental research up to clinical research is covered by the call. Research could focus on silent stroke, cerebral small vessel disease, chronic or repetitive ischemia, vascular cognitive impairment, and related areas involving the cerebrovascular system. Research on subarachnoidal haemorrhages was excluded from the call.

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Call text: The call text describes the aims of call and formal application procedures
Implementation of the call: The call’s time line, procedures and supporting funding organisations in detail
Evaluators: 33 international experts supported the NEURON proposal selection process
Funded projects: Ten transnational consortia work on a better understanding of cerebrovascular diseases
Call statistics: Success rates, country of origin and gender aspects
Outcome report: Major achievements and outline the overall impact of JTC2011 'Cerebrovascular Diseases'