Funded projects

Twelve transnational research consortia are funded under the umbrella of the NEURON JTC2009 “New Technologies”. In total, 45 research groups from ten European countries and Israel collaborate in these projects. The total funding volume of the call adds up to 10.3 million €. A variety of methodological approaches will be pursued, ranging from epigenetics to nanotechnology.

Projects and collaboration partners are shown below. Please click on “project description” to download a brief project overview. See also our related newsletter, summarizing all projects in one document.



Title, Project Description, and Outcomes

Coordinator and Partners


Role of proteases and their inhibitors in pathophysiology and diagnosis of Alzheimer Disease


project description (pdf, 133 KB)
outcomes (pdf, 51KB)

M. Glatzel (DE)

H. Jahn (DE),

T. Clausen (AT)

I. Ferrer (ES)


An epigenetic approach towards the recovery of neuronal network plasticity and cognitive function in neurodegenerative disease

project description (pdf, 303 KB)
outcomes (pdf, 53 KB)

A. Fischer (DE)

A. Barco (ES)

X. Leinekugel (FR)


The activity-driven ER-mitochondria Calcium Cycle (ERMCC) and protein

misfolding in neurodegenerative diseases: finding targets for therapy

project description (pdf, 130 KB)
outcomes (pdf, 55 KB)

J. Grosskreutz (DE)

B. Keller (DE)

J. Garcia-Sancho (ES)

M. T. Carri (IT)


Identification of new genes causing familial forms of PD


project description (pdf, 131 KB)
outcomes (pdf, 73 KB) 

T. Gasser (DE)

N. Wood (UK)

A. Brice (FR)


Synthesis and validation of antiparkinsonian drugs targeting GPCR heteromers

project description (pdf, 126 KB)
outcomes (pdf, 51 KB)

R. Franco (ES)

M.-T. Armentero (IT)

C. E. Mueller (DE)

J. L. Lanciego (ES)


Modelling sporadic ALS in motor neurons by genetic reprogramming of patient skin fibroblasts


project description (pdf, 133 KB)
outcomes (pdf, 65 KB) 

G. Haase (FR)

B. Reubinoff (IL)

P. Andersen (SE)

J. M. Heard (FR)

T. Misgeld (DE)


Group III metabotropic glutamate receptors (mGluRs): from new molecules to therapeutic development for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease

project description (pdf, 132 KB) 
outcomes (pdf, 53 KB)

M. Amalric (FR)

F. Acher (FR)

G. Fisone (SE)

F. Nicoletti (IT)


Transfer of misfolded protein as a pathogenetic mechanism in neurodegenerative disease


project description (pdf, 136 KB)

outcomes (pdf, 75 KB)

P. Brundin (SE)

R. Melki (FR)

M. Jucker (DE)

O. Riess (DE)


Molecular mechanisms underlying synaptic dysfunction in prototypic neurodegenerative diseases related to protein misfolding


project description (pdf, 135 KB)
outcomes (pdf, 75 KB)

F. Tagliavini (IT)

J. R. Naranjo (ES)

G. Binetti (IT)

J.-Y. Li (SE)


Development of an experimental therapeutic strategy using the newly identified growth factor CDNF for treatment of Parkinson’s disease


project description (pdf, 132 KB)
outcomes (pdf, 52 KB)

K. Krieglstein (DE)

M. Saarma (FI)

E. Fuchs (DE)

R. Tuominen (FI)

O. Lindvall (SE)


Physiological mechanisms of Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson’s disease


project description (pdf, 132 KB)
outcomes (pdf, 57 KB) 

J. Volkmann (DE)

C. Hammond (FR)

P. Winn (UK)

A. Priori (IT)

A. Schnitzler (DE)


Protecting against neurodegeneration by somatic gene therapy


project description (pdf, 133 KB)
outcomes (pdf, 52 KB)

T. Arendt (DE)

J. Uney (UK)

B. Nawrot (PL)