Joint Transnational Calls for proposals


Joint calls for proposals are the centrepiece of NEURON’s transnational activities. On an annual basis, the ministries and funding agencies networking within NEURON launch joint transnational calls (JTCs) in the field of disease-related neuroscience.

What NEURON funds
NEURON JTCs address important topics from the areas of neuroscience, neurology or psychiatry. Call topics are usually kept quite broad to cover various aspects of a research field and to allow for participation of different disciplines in the projects.

NEURON aims to support basic, clinical and translational research, directed at a better understanding of the brain and nervous system and related diseases in order to pave the way for new or improved means for diagnosis and therapy. NEURON aims to promote intense and ease to manage top-level research collaborations across Europe, Israel and Canada. To this aim, NEURON funds small, multidisciplinary research consortia consisting usually of 3-5 research groups originating from different NEURON partner countries..

Our criteria for selecting proposals are:

1. Excellence
2. Impact
3. Quality and efficiency of the implementation

Projects may be funded for a maximum of three years.

Who can apply?
The funding for a research group stems from national/regional research budgets, and each NEURON partner organization is free to choose whether to participate in a respective JTC. Even external funding organizations may join a specific NEURON call without formal full ERA-NET partnership. Accordingly, the number of participating partner organizations varies from call to call.
For applicants, it is thus mandatory to check the list of funding organisations supporting a call, and to find out whether they are eligible for funding by their corresponding national/regional funding agency. Our national/regional contact points are provided in the annex of each call text.

The application procedure has usually two stages: First, we call for short pre-proposals outlining the main research idea and the consortium structure. An international peer review panel assesses and ranks these pre-proposals. Second, the best consortia are invited to submit elaborate full proposals that are again peer-reviewed. The NEURON funding organizations fund from their national or regional budgets as many of the top consortia as possible, according to scientific excellence and financial means, and following the ranking list that has been set up by the review panel. Each Principal Investigator in a funded consortium receives the grant from the respective national or regional funding agencies and the ensuing funding process is regulated along the respective national/regional agencies’ procedures.

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