Structure, boards and management

NEURON structure and profile
The Neuron structure consists of a Network Steering Committee, a Scientific Advisory Board and an Executive Board.
The NEURON Secretariat is located at the DLR-PT.

The NEURON structure is depicted in the following diagram.

Network Steering Committee
The Network steering committee (NSC, List of Members, PDF, 68 kb) constitutes the decision-making unit within the NEURON consortium, receiving all relevant information (reports, concepts etc.) from the coordinator and from the WP leaders via the coordinator. The general coordination of the consortium is performed by the Coordinator, PD Dr. Marlies Dorlöchter

Scientific Advisory Board
To ensure a high scientific quality of the network and the flow of information with the scientific community, a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB, List of Members, PDF, 208 kb) is implemented. 

Executive Board
The Executive Board comprises the members of each Work Package (EB, List of Members, PDF, 68 kb) Group, will take decisions for daily management of the consortium and meets regularly to oversee the Work Package progress.