The main objective of NEURON Cofund is to facilitate the close and sustainable networking and alignment of national and regional research programmes in the areas of neuroscience, neurology, and psychiatry carried out in partner countries. Implementation of joint transnational research funding activities is the most important instrument to achieve this aim. In this respect, top-up funding provided by the European Commission (EC) is used to scale up national support of research in the co-funded Joint Transnational Call (JTC) 2016. Further annual calls (2017 – 2020) addressing important topics in brain-related diseases and disorders of the nervous system will be launched without EC top-up funding to pursue NEURON’s objectives.
NEURON Cofund will sustain and expand the collaboration of funding agencies and ministries based on the structures whose foundations were laid during the runtime of its predecessors in NEURON I and NEURON II. Further objectives encompass:

• Maintenance and upgrade of a work platform for funding agencies and ministries in Europe and outside European geographic boundaries.
• Assuring a high quality review and selection of the best applications for funding.
• Assuring and improving the quality of funded projects by monitoring their progress.
• Providing a reliable funding opportunity for excellent transnational, multidisciplinary collaborative research
• Continuing the alignment on national and regional programmes by implementing the existing NEURON Strategic Research Agenda (SRA).
• Providing support for early-career scientists and helping them to build an independent research career.
• Developing common policies to improve the impact of public research funding.
• Reaching out to and interacting with relevant societal groups and disseminate knowledge.

For further information about the work programme of NEURON Cofund and the previous joint activities of NEURON click here.